draft 3 is finished

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I just finished the draft 3 of the open collaboration services specifications.  I got a lot of input from developers and users so the new version is more RESTfull, better documented and has more features. At the moment the services PERSON, FRIEND, MESSAGE, ACTIVITY and CONTENT are specified.

The services are already implemented at all openDesktop.org sites like KDE-Look.org or KDE-Apps.org. So you can try them now if you like. I will work on the OpenID integration now.
I already got a message from a different project who wants to become an open collaboration services provider. This is great news.
Last week I participated at the openSUSE Hackweek in Nürnberg. And to together with Dirk and Cornelius and Sebastian we had a lot of great discussions and managed to implement some working proof of concept code for Akonadi and Plasma integration.
And to gether with Josefs LokaREST Library everything is coming together. Exiting Times.
Please send me a message if you have ideas, suggestions or want to help.

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