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At the end of October we launched a free job board on the websites.
I know quite a few people who found a nice full time or freelance job by showing their work on our websites. I also know a few free software projects and companies who are looking for new projects members or employees.
So I had the idea to build a job board where companies, projects, developers and artist can get in contact. Specialized for open source and IT jobs.
Unlike other job boards the job board is completely free – both to those listing jobs and those looking for jobs. We will finance the hosting with advertising and sponsorships.
The job board is visible on all websites in the network, meaning a job listed on one, is automatically and immediately displayed on all the other sites in the network.
The main feature of the job board is its simplicity – jobs are listed with a few clicks and jobseekers search the available jobs per country and category. All registered users can publish their CV with two click.
So if you are looking for a nice Linux Job, an Internship, a new logo for your application, or a freelance job as an icon designer post your data. It´s free.
I hope, this feature is usefull for you.
What do you think?
Last week I also launched a new design of the websites.
I thought a lot about a way to redesign the websites to make it easier to understand and use. The plan is to make the website layout as light as possible so that the actual content is in the focus and more visible.
Another goal was to introduce a real navigation where you can see what kind of functionality the websites provides and you see where you are, at the moment.
The current design is not finished yet. This is in beta stage, at the moment. I would like to hear feedback from you.
I also have news regarding the Social Desktop and the Open Collaboration Services:
Version 1 of the specification is final now. Draft 3 was online for several weeks now and is now declared final.
We also have SSL support now. You can access the api encrypted via
At the moment I am working on OpenID support. So you can access the website and the api with your OpenID account in the future.

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