Knowledge base feature

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Knowledge base feature

Hi everyone,
we’ve noticed that there are just few people who are using our knowledge base/help feature. Many don’t even know that we have implemented this feature. A short reminder: every application on network e.g. or can have its own small user generated FAQ. If you have a question or a problem with an application you can post your question together with a description and up to three screenshots. Other can help you with the problem via comments or share tips. And if you found the solutions you can add the answer to your question and mark the problem as solved. The owner of the application has full edit and delete right to the FAQ entries for his application.

Over the time, we hope to build a small user FAQ for every application.
We thought that a lot of people don’t associate a knowledge base with our “help” feature. So we decided to rename the tab via a poll decision. Our brainstroming results were FAQ, Knowledge Base, Help, Questions and Answers, Tips and Tricks or Support.

What do you think? Post your opinions as a comment about above names.

The knowledge base content is also available via the open collaboration services API.
We plan to use the data for the Social Desktop in the future. So if you want to write a Plasmoid to query the knowledgebase contact me. 🙂


  1. logixoul

    Cool, finally you’re doing something useful 🙂

  2. Enrico

    Wow! I want to integrate this in FotoWall ASAP! This will be really great…

  3. Frank Karlitschek

    This sound great. Let me know if I can help you with something.
    By the way. Great Application.

  4. Enrico

    oh, and I vote for “support” since it’s a Q&A that can be marked as ‘solved’ too..

  5. Sho

    @logixoul: And his years of prior work for the KDE community were not useful?


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