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Tuesday, Apr 28, 2009| Tags:

Hi everyone,

today, we are launching our sponsoring project.
Aim of this project is to help,, and the other sites to keep it as you know it today and to help us to investigate into further new features, improvements, hosting and projects for our community.

So what exactly is the sponsoring you may ask. Well, the sponsoring is a platform for companies and enterprises which want to prominent present their products, services and job offers on the sites to a large audience of Open source and IT experts. Advantages as a sponsor are free premium job offers, ad banners, mentionings in blogs, news and many more.
At the moment we have over 90 million page views and 2.6 million unique visitors per month.

So If you know a company who wants to support the open source community via our sponsoring project or if you have suggestions for us we’re happy to hear from you.
You can also contact us to get the whole feature list and price list. Providing us a sponsor is good for you, too. Each user who help us to find and to acquire a sponsor receive 30% of commission for the first month for each new sponsor as a bonus. More on our “sponsoring Information page”



Always get in contact if you have questions, ideas, proposals, requests or other feedback.

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