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Last year we announced the launch of our new job board for Linux and IT Experts. and

The idea is to help Linux experts and open source companies to come together. The job offers and candidates are accessible and integrated in all websites of the network. For example, or
Everybody can publish job offers or their own CV for free. The job board is not only for useful for companies and job seekers. Free software projects can also post open tasks and jobs for free. For example if a free software developer or projects needs some artwork or somebody to test the app or write documentation you can post an open job on the board. The job board can also be used to find freelancers or interns.

A few days ago we launched premium job offers for companies. This job offers are not for free but have a bigger impact than the
free job offers. The premium job are featured on the homepages and are including in system emails and RSS feeds.

We hope to bring companies and free software developers closer together and stimulate the Linux and open source IT market.
So if you know a company who is looking for Linux and IT experts please recommend our job board to them. 🙂

Today we launchend I got requests from users for a website for server applications like web- or mail-servers.
You can also upload you web applications. For example PHP or Ruby WebApps are welcome. You can publish your work, get feedback from users and other developers.
What do you think about the categories? As usual we are open for suggestions. 🙂

Your account form the other websites works also on

What do you think?

One more thing. Because of the difficult advertising market we have difficulties to pay our running costs. We have included advertising into our RSS feeds and hope to compensate the shrining advertising market. We hope that this is not bothersome for you.


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