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Posted by on May 25, 2009 in | 3 Comments
Today we are announcing our new event feature on the websites.
Every user is free to register new events e.g. a KDE conference in London, a developer meeting in Berlin or just a little barbecue in a backyard. Your event will be listed in the events database and other users can “join” the event.
New participants can be invited to take part in events, friends get automatically informed via the friend newsfeed that some of their friends go to an event. The date, a short description and a location is enough to start a new event. Locations get directly displayed via an OpenStreetMap applet provided by the free wiki world map on each event page.
The event database is going to be part of the Social Desktop therefore events nearby a user can also be displayed via the Social Desktop Plasmoid for the KDE desktop in the future.
Data can also be fetched using the Open Collaboration Services API. Furthermore an integration in Kontact/Kalendar and Evolution is being evaluated at the moment.
We hope that you like the features.
What do you think?


  1. Vladislav

    the open collaboration network is starting to shape up interestingly and I am excited to see how it will all develop. This update is very interesting and exciting, because it also helps promote the use of the service (adding friends, creating social networks, etc) through already existing physical invitations/spaces (conferences, events). I like the idea a lot and am excited to see how it’ll be adopted.

  2. Pinheiro

    cool realy cool

  3. Bugs Bane

    Fab! Thanks for doing this all open (eg OpenStreetMap – yeah!) and in a way that thinks about the future. Linking into the social desktop plasmoid is way cool.

    The future’s looking bright, and OpenDesktop has been a big help in getting it that way!



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