GCDS part two: Social Desktop / Earning Money with freedesktop

Posted by on Jul 9, 2009 in KDE, openDesktop.org | One Comment

So after 4 more days of interesting talks, great parties, BoF Session and inspiring conversations I like this conference even more than last weekend.

Like every year I´m deeply impressed by the fact that so many expert from different areas, project and countries come together and build a fantastic and free desktop.
My talks about the “Social Desktop” and “Eaning money with free software” went well I got a lot of great feedback.
You can get the slides here:

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  1. Leon

    Hello! I’m reading your idea about appstore for linux/mac/windows. It seems to be good idea if you are using Mac or Windows. But on mostly GNU/Linux distro it will fail. Why? Most users use only software from repository. So they get binaries for free. Okey, I could pay a few PLN(zł-złotówka-polish currency) Because For me it is very hard to exchange money to euro/dollar and then make a transfer with a foreign currency. Not everybody have lucky to be in euro-zone.(let’s not talk about currency PLN to Euro).
    But i can pay for 1 app. Okey for second. But i’m afraid that we will have to pay for normal funcionality of our GNU/Linux OS.

    Bounty Idea is great. There were few projects to support that kind of supporting devs. But now i don’t know it is still alive. (but it should support all currencies.)



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