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The Social Desktop Contest
The Contest is very successful so far. We got lots of great and interesting submissions for servers and clients, for Qt and GTK and even web interfaces.
I´m glad that so many people like the idea of bringing online communities and desktop applications closer together.
In the last few weeks and days several people approached me that they want to participate in the contest but they don´t had time to work on their ideas. Others told me that they want to polish their submission a bit more.
So I decided to move the deadline 3 weeks to the 14. of September.
I hope this is O.K. with everybody.
The Open-PC
I got fantastic feedback for the idea to build a Linux PC from the community for the community. Over 11.000 people participated in the first survey.
At the moment I´m negotiating with manufacturers possibilities for working together and I´m working on a real website for the Project. I´m also looking into different posibilities for a nice and customizable Linux distribution which we can use as a base for the Open-PC operating system.
We are still perfectly in time for a shipment this fall. But I have to move the second stage of the survey to the 10. of September.


  1. blueget

    Great! Just one thing: What are “manuaforors”?

  2. Frank Karlitschek

    manuaforors are manufacturers if you are stupid enough to post a blog post without proof reading it before clicking on “save” 😉

  3. Thomas



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