OCS 1.3 is done

Posted by on Sep 2, 2009 in openDesktop.org | 3 Comments

10 minutes ago I released the open collaboration services API specification in version 1.3

This is a quite big release and includes important new features, user requests and bugfixes.
I also updated openDesktop.org to support all the documented features.
The most important changes are:
– upload, edit and delete of entries like applications and artwork over the API.
– uploading and deleting of screenshots of applications or artwork.
– search content entries from a specific user or myself.
This finally enables the GHNS dialog to upload data directly from inside applications.
This also allows publishing and updating of apps and plasmoids directly from plasmate, KDevelop, Qt Creator or the new KDE SDK. I think is an important new features if you want to share applications or other stuff with others.
Fan Management
– get all fans of a specific content entry.
– become a fan of an application or artwork
– remove me from the fans list of an application or artwork
You can show the fans of your app directly in the application and users can become fans from within you app. This is a nice features to make the Social Desktop reality.
Anonymous API access
Some api call like person search for example can be access without authentification now.
We limit the number of API call from specific IP address to prevent DOS attacks.
You can do 50 API call from one IP address every 15min. Or 200 API calls from one IP every 15min if you are a authenticated user. I hope this is enough for everybody.
Now users can use the “show users nearby” plasmoid without registering.
This is a feature request from the Kubuntu guys.
All data can optionaly be fetched in JSON if you dont like XML. Just add the format=json parameter. The default and recommended format ist still XML
I hope you like the features.
By the way. We already have great submissions for the Social Desktop Contest. And I´m sure we will have great social features in KDE 4.4


  1. mutlu_inek

    These are great features. They will make the already promising OCS “preview” in 4.3 an amazing framework and boost user and developer interaction. I like your ideas a lot and am really looking forward to their maturation!

  2. Vladislav

    Wonderful.. The OCS framework/idea are starting to show their fruit. I appreciate how the web and the desktop no longer seem so disconnected.

  3. annma

    Is there a doc on how to make upload work with GHNS? I was thinking about organizing a meeting beginning of 2010 in order to put that all together as KDE-Edu uses GHNS in nearly all apps. What do you think? Is a meeting needed (with you, Josef, Jeremy Whiting and all people interested for their apps) or does it already work easily and only an online meeting is needed to spread the word?
    Cheers for your great work!


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