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I´m very exited about the progress we are doing for the Social Desktop at the moment. Because of the great work from Eckhart, Frederik and Jeremy we will have very good support for a lot of new features in KDE 4.4 I will blog about the details soon. But the most important thing is that we will move libattica and all the backend functionality into kdesupport/kdelibs for KDE 4.4. This means that every application can access the Social Desktop features transparently without taking care of authentication, different service providers or the REST protocol.
So we hope that a lot of apps will integrate social features soon.
Another very big news is that will use the Open Collaboration Services API for their application store and social features in the future. The KDE implementation can handle different service providers automatically so applications aren´t locked in to one service provider. This is open social networking how it should be.

I just released the Version 1.4 of the Open Collaboration Services Specification. As usual all the new features are already implemented on all the sites.

New features are:
account registration
You can register a new user account via the API.
There is a new config method which you can call to get some basic information about the current API.
extended attributes
Applications can store extended attributes as key values to your user profile. You can find other people with specific attributes via the search method. This is useful for example if application want to show other people who use the same application. This was a feature request from Frederik who will do cool stuff for Parley with this feature soon. 🙂
event write support
You can add, edit and delete events via the API now.
friends management
You can do complete friends management via the API now. So invite people, accept or decline friendship requests, check your send or received requests and more.
improved activities
We improved the activities so you get more data via the API. So you can show more interesting information.
categories knowledge base
the knowledge base API supports categories now.
many bugfixes and documentation improvements.
And now for something completely different:
I just got the first prototype of the Open-PC. There is still work to do but we are making good progress. I will post about the status of the Open-PC soon.
Now I´m on the way to Freiburg for the Nepomuk Developer Sprint to integrate the Social Desktop with the Semantic Desktop. 😉

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