What´s going on at Camp KDE?

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As everybody else is blogging about Camp KDE here in San Diego I think I also should give you an update whats going on here.
I think it is a fantastic conference, perfectly organized with very high level talks. It is great to meet all the old and new friends and discuss various aspects of world domination. Thank you to Jeff and the team at UCSD to make all this happen.
It rained a lot the last few days here which is unusual for sunny southern california and it seams that we have to live with this weather for all the week. Which is bad because we can´t enjoy the beach that much and I have to cancel my motorbike trip I have planed for later this week. Our hostel is also fighting with the rain. We have power and internet problems and on monday we even had a small river running through the entrance area.
So it´s not true that it never rains in souther california. 😉
I´m happy with the feedback I got for the keynote I gave on sunday. Everybody seams to like my crazy ideas about KDE in a world of cloud computing. You find the slides here: slides
There will be a dot story soon to summarize the announcements.
Open-PC progress
I´m still busy with making the Open-PC ideas reality. I updated the Open-PC.com website with new stuff. We now have a partner to do the telephone and email support and I fixed the final hardware configuration and the price together with our hardware partners. Remember that this is only the first version of the Open-PC. The idea is of course to have different models designed and manufactured by different people and partners.
I´m happy that Slashdot and other major news sites picked this up. It is great how many people are exited about this project. I´m getting lot´s of emails from interested people. This is amazing.
I must confess that I underestimated the work especially because I do basically everything alone. I think the Open-PC should be a real community based project to take off.
So if you want to help, please contact me. I especially need an SUSE Studio / Buildservice expert. 🙂
Pleasant Surprise
I´m working for a few month now on improving the relation of KDE with big players in the IT industry. Yesterday it seams to payed of. So Jos and me did some serious business clothing shopping and today we will present KDE to somebody who could bring KDE to millions of devices.
I will keep you informed about the progress.


  1. FireBurn


    Is there going to be an OpenNotebook or OpenNetbook?


  2. Diederik

    Thanks for your update, I’m looking forward to the Open-PC progress, and suits experience 🙂

  3. luiz

    It would be great to see ownCloud integrating with all Kontact and KOffice apps, including KPlato!! who’d need Remember The Milk?


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