ownCloud status

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ownCloud status

I want to give you an overview about the stuff thats happening in ownCloud world.
I released the beta 1 one month ago on gitorious and I´m thrilled by the positive response in the mean time.
We already have a small but very active developer community hacking on ownCloud. In the last 4 weeks we implemented this significant improvements:
  • Location independent. You can put your ownCloud installation in any directory inside your web-server root and it works.
  • SQLite. ownCloud is ported to SQLite to simplify installation. MySQL is still working thanks to our database abstraction layer.
  • We have an improved AJAX Web-interface
  • We have a first run wizard for the initial configuration.
  • Automatic creation of the database tables.
  • Work on plugins for music management and pictures galleries has started.
  • Improved WebDAV interface for better KDE/Desktop integration.
  • Improved documentation
At the moment I´m working on an Open Collaboration Services API for integration into the KDE Social Desktop. You will get notification on your Desktop if something is happening in your cloud storage.
Next on the list is the sharing features so that you can give other users read or write access to specific files or directories.
We got 24 proposal from students who want to work on ownCloud for Googles Summer of Code. This amount of interest is amazing. We can´t approve that many slots of course and KDE will announce the KDE GSoC students in the next few weeks.
Because of that fast progress I updated the roadmap. I think we can launch an very interesting Version 1.0 in early may.
What can you do to help?
We still need help regarding desktop integration. It would be great if KDE could store its settings in the personal ownCloud of the user. So a KDE user has always the same desktop settings on all the devices.
Also integration in digiKam and Amarok would be great to simplify accessing and sharing of photos and music.
You can find more information here:
Exiting times!
So what do you think?


  1. hook

    Have you already heard about GNU Social?


    It could be really cool if these two projects could coexist and complement eachother.


    Is ownCloud a KDE project or not? http://owncloud.org/index.php/Main_Page indicates that, but http://gitorious.org/owncloud is not a project of http://gitorious.org/+kde-developers

    As I’m a member of KDE’s translation team, I’d like to see ownCloud integrated into KDE’s translation infrastructure. Using KDE’s wikis and forums would lower administration work as well.

  3. Frank Karlitschek

    @hook: GNU social looks interesting. I will look into it. This project seams be be created after my ownCloud announcement in january instead of joining ownCloud. So I hope this guys are open for cooperation.

  4. Frank Karlitschek

    @KAMiKAZOW ownCloud is a KDE project of course. kde developers on gitorious have full commit rights.

    What do you thing is needed to integrate ownCloud in the translation workflow?

  5. jstaniek

    I thought ownCloud was good idea and now… it’s pretty with the introduction of SQLite support!
    Just added related todo for the current decade 😉

  6. unormal

    A bit offtopic but the project I always think about when I read your blog: What’s the status of open-pc.com? End of february 2010 definitely doesn’t work anymore…

  7. Bugs Bane

    Yes, I’m really impressed with how far things have come already! I’m loving being able to easily upload files via dolphin+webdav to a central server and still access them easily via a web interface. I was surprised to see you can already upload and browse inside whole folders on the web interface, too.

    Now I’m greedily waiting for file locking and date stamps that match the original files so I can point an rsync style backup app at my webdav url’s 🙂

    Once I figure out the mysteries of git, I’ll do what I can to help with html / css / artwork type stuff, for what it’s worth.

    Now if I can just figure out whether “Veröffentlichen” or “Vorschau” means “Post This”… The Orange Button or the Blue One… Hmmm… Dang, I wish I spoke Deutsch! 😉


    KDE’s translation process requires that Gettext is used and that Scripty knows about one project’s existence and where to put the generated “.po” files (I think playground/network is appropriate for now, extragear/network later).

    I’d also move ownCloud’s wiki to KDE TechBase (for dev-related content) and UserBase (for user-targeted content).


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