ownCloud 1.1 released

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ownCloud 1.1 released

10 minutes ago I released ownCloud 1.1

I´m really happy with this release. Not only because we have a lot of new features and bugfixes but also because the ownCloud development team is growing and more and more people are contributing to ownCloud.
I gave several presentation about ownCloud in the last few month and I´m trilled by the positive reactions I get. People really seams to like to idea behind ownCloud.

You can download ownCloud 1.1 now and run you own cloud storage on your own hardware.

So what is ownCloud?

ownCloud is a central place where you can store your files and documents. You don´t have to upload your personal data to central closed services like Google Docs, Dropbox or Ubuntu One. All the data is under your own control.
You can access your files via WebDAV from Linux, Mac and Windows Desktops without a special client because WebDAV support is build into all modern operation systems and distributions. On Linux you can use the KDE KIO-Slaves or mount it via FUSE into your home directory.
If you can´t use WebDAV for example on your smart phone you can use the webinterface to access your files.

The data transfer is encrypted if your web-server supports SSL and ownCloud has no problems with firewalls and proxy servers.

ownCloud support the Open Collaboration Services API so your ownCloud can push notification to your KDE Desktop if something interesting happens, like your storage is full or somebody is accessing a shared file of you.

So what is new in ownCloud 1.1?

  • New Plugin system
  • User management
  • ownCloud can now be installed in a DB shared with other applications since ownCloud tables has a prefix (default is “oc_” but can choose it)
  • Experimental PostgreSQL support
  • Text viewer with syntax highlighting
  • Support for OCS private attribute storage and activity
  • Fixes, fixes, fixes…
  • Code cleanup

Future plans are:

  • Versioning of all files using git as a backend.
  • Easy sharing of your files with others.
  • Syncing client so you can access your files offline. (work has already started)

We have a nice new plugin system in 1.1 and developers can write add ons for your ownCloud easily.

Examples are:

  • A photo gallery plugins. So you can share your photos with others without uploading it to services like Flickr or Picasa.
  • Music server. You can listen to your music from every device without copying it around.
  • Podcast catcher. A central place to collect your audio and video podcasts and access it via a HTML5 interface or a native media player.

You find the download file and more information on the website ownCloud.org.
If you want to help with the development or integration with other projects send a message to the ownCloud mailing-list.

You can find more information here:



  1. Fri13

    And how is the OwnCloud difference from NAS/FTP/DAV ?

  2. Frank Karlitschek

    Well ownCloud has a webinterface, automatic backup, will support versioning and sharing. It has a plugininterface for more features like photo albums, media player and more. And ownCloud runs at basically any webspace without the need for a demon like for example a ftp server.

  3. Lorenzo

    This seems to be going a kinda fantastic project! I would like to give my impresions tough:
    *Will OwnCloud support avahi?
    *The Media player will it be a flash player or a true and great integrated HTML5 player capable of playing not only mp3 but also ogg files and Webm videos?
    *Also it would be a great idea having a p2p e-book library. I mean imagine all OwnCloud server sharing knowledge(ebooks). So all Owncloud servers are conected to eachother and everyserver has an interface to search and download each other e-books inside the OwnCloudnet. Of course all e-books should be in the public domain or should have a licence that allows it.

  4. André Vitor

    This project is amazing. I’m very interested on it, and maybe I’ll try to enjoy the develop team soon.
    I would love to see a branch of Qt, with support to html5 interface, like X11. Imagine Qt programs, with few or no modifications, being displayed on browsers, like it is on desktop (of course with a “wm” like owncloud, appropriate to the browser). KOffice, KMail (acting both as client as server (replacing webmail services, like gmail)), IM, etc. This would be awesome, and KDE will definitely enter the own cloud age =]

  5. Thomas

    How secure is the site? SSL is not enough.

  6. Frank Karlitschek

    What exactly do you mean? Security is a complex topic So what are your requirements?

  7. andmarios

    Congratulations, I think it is an excellent project with tremendous potential!

    What I’d like to see next is a workaround for working with big files since php and apache can be memory limited. I understand this is a very complex request of course, so I don’t expect anything soon.

    I can’t help with coding but I’ll help spread the news about ownCloud. I’ve already written a small article based on your post at a big Greek forum. 🙂

  8. te

    Is there any kind of relase schedule or planned relase date for 1.2 yet? The one in the owncloud wiki seems a bit off =d

  9. ArkBlitz

    The project sounds great. But do I need to pay for a server in order to use it?

  10. luca

    I have a problem! I try it on XAMPP and when i go tu index.php the page say: Data directory (XXXXXXXXX) is readable from the web

    how can i fix this problem???

  11. Eduardo Cruz

    I installed Owncloud 1.1, but I can not connect to webdav using Windows 7. First of all does not recognize the protocol webdav:// … changing it to http:// asks for the user and password to map the drive, but does not authenticate.


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