Qtest Mobile App Port Contest launched

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Qtest Mobile App Port Contest launched

The Qtest Mobile App Contest started yesterday. The goal is to port your Qt/KDE app to MeeGo or Symbian and put it in the Nokia Ovi store. New applications are also welcome of course.
The prize for the best application is 10.000,- EUR and there are 10 N900 as additional prizes to win. So if you are bored during the holidays this is a good oportunity to work on a cool mobile application and win a great new phone a some money. The early bird competition ends at 31th of December and the main competition ands at February 28th
Thanks a lot to Nokia for sponsoring this contest.
You find more information here:

Several developers approached me and asked for more time to port their applications.

So we extend the deadline of the contest to 31. of march. Everybody has one more month to port a KDE or Qt application to Symbian or MeeGo.
Remember that you can win 10.000,- so please consider to make your KDE or Qt application ready for mobile.
Please make sure that you also provide binaries for you applications. This makes is a lot easier for the jury to test you application.
Have fun and good luck.

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  1. Fri13

    Pretty big thing to actually do when the application UI needs total workout for mobile devices (does not just is for maemo/meego but for Android and iOS as well) and same time most of the application functions needs to removed/denied as mobile devices use really does not support most of the complex applications. Only very simple applications should be ported and the UI should not have more choises than 5.

    Even that Qt/KDE Apps could be ported by technical reasons to different devices. It is not easy as every UI needs to be redesigned for smartphones, tablets, mouse+keyboard and other uses.

    Right now when quickly thinkin, I can not find out any application program (a usefull, a non-game app) what would be worth to be ported to Maemo/Meego as it really is almost easier just to fork the project and use some of the code of the desktop app (a core functions) while only adding the very basic functions what are needed and then making a own UI for it.

    That is something what Nokia has never got done mostly well (the UI’s) in the 20th century.


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