The Open-PC starts not with one or two but with three models and partners

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The Open-PC starts not with one or two but with three models and partners

Today is the big day. The sale of the Open-PC starts. The first PC which is build by the free software community and not by a big company. Everybody can contribute. The Open-PC is using only free software and drivers.
The good news is that we are not starting with one or two but with three manufacturing partners and models. We are working together with ARLT and greeniX in Germany and ThinkPenguin in the US and we are looking for more partners in other countries.
So what is special about the Open-PC?
  • Hardware and Software is selected by the Linux Community
  • The PC is preconfigured and easy to use by everybody
  • Telephone and Email support is included
  • Only free software is used, including the drivers
  • Only fully documented hardware is used
  • There are different manufacturers who build and sell the Open-PCs
  • A part of the price is a donation to KDE
  • Everything, including the software, is developed in the open. Everybody can contribute.
Thanks to everybody who contributed to this project I’ m super thrilled to launch this new and innovative project today 18 month after we had this crazy idea during a KDE developer meeting that we might start our own completely free PC line. This project proofes that it is possible for a free software community to bring a PC to the market which designed by us and not by a huge corporation. I have the feeling that this is only the beginning.
For more information about the Open-PC and details about the available models visit the website


  1. apol

    So how does that work exactly?

    It’s 3 systems that look alike, have very different prices (350€, 387€, 249$).

  2. parena

    Check the specifications. 🙂 The most clear differences are that they vary from 1 to 4GB of memory and 40 to 500GB hard disk size.

  3. earthwings

    Nice. Can you do more performance oriented models as well? When quadcore CPU’s were available, they’d make nice alternatives for our Linux workstations at work.

  4. STiAT


    I would like to have more information about the hardware configuration of the Open-PC XS, the information available is quite limited, so do you have plans on releasing more specifications as you did with the Open-PC 1?

    Something like:
    – Which and how many ports (USB, PS/2 etc.)
    – Graphics card used
    – CD, DVD or other Hardware?

  5. agateau

    Looks promising. I like the idea a lot!

    A few questions/remarks:
    – Do you plan for DVI or HDMI output on your machines?

    – On the Open PC Micro design page ( ), one can see a weird sticker on the case. It looks like it has been pasted there with GIMP, am I wrong? If it’s real, it looks dangerous to block fan output with a sticker.

    – It would be nice to see the rear of the Micro and XS cases, because we have no idea of the possible connectivity.

    – The picture for the XS is an empty case! Please add a picture of the real thing!

    – Do you have plan for arm-based machines? Would be great to distribute machines like the Genesi Efika ( )

  6. Znurre

    I checked Open-PC earlier when I thought about buying a new computer.
    I really like the idea, but for a power user like me the specs just doesn’t cut it.

    In the end I settled for a customer built computer with an Intel i7, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 300GB WD VelociRaptor and NVidia GTX 460.

    I understand the intended audience is not users like me, and that it would probably be impossible to ship a decent graphic card if you want to have all drivers free.
    However, I don’t think an Intel i5 CPU would hurt 🙂

    Good luck!

  7. Lucas

    The only stylish one is not available in europe 🙁
    pls, german companys, release something more stylish..

  8. Maik Höpfel

    I would really like to see proper specs as well.

  9. Louis

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  10. Chani

    wha.. no laptop? 🙁 I need a new computer, but it has to be a laptop…


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