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Wednesday, Feb 23, 2011| Tags:

A lot of cool stuff is happening around ownCloud at the moment. François is working on a super cool new webinterface. It looks really nice.

Login: http://www.kubler.org/owncloud-mockups/login.html
Files : http://www.kubler.org/owncloud-mockups/
Logs : http://www.kubler.org/owncloud-mockups/logs.html
User settings : http://www.kubler.org/owncloud-mockups/user_settings.html

We have a cool new audioplayer so people have easy access to their media from all their devices. This works with Amarok or just your browser. Several people are working on a syncing client for KDE. Is important to have offlice access to your files. This is super cool. I´m totaly amazed by the speed we are moving forward.

Another cool thing is that we have a first provider to offer hosted ownCloud services if you don´t have webspace to host it yourself. PackageCloud offers a free ownCloud installation for 100MB and an installation with unlimited storage and traffic for 5,- EUR per month. I think this is a very nice offer. Completely free software and more affordable than other cloud solutions. Try it here if you don´t have your own server.

We will participate in this years Google Summer of code again. So if you have ideas add them to the brainstorming page here: http://community.kde.org/GSoC/2011/Ideas#ownCloud

We are also planing the first ownCloud developer meeting.
It will take place between 15. and 18. of April in Stuttgart, Germany.
We will hack on ownCloud and plan the next releases.

Please send me an email if you want to join the meeting and help working on ownCloud.



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