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A lot of cool stuff is happening around ownCloud at the moment. François is working on a super cool new webinterface. It looks really nice.

Login: http://www.kubler.org/owncloud-mockups/login.html
Files : http://www.kubler.org/owncloud-mockups/
Logs : http://www.kubler.org/owncloud-mockups/logs.html
User settings : http://www.kubler.org/owncloud-mockups/user_settings.html

We have a cool new audioplayer so people have easy access to their media from all their devices. This works with Amarok or just your browser. Several people are working on a syncing client for KDE. Is important to have offlice access to your files. This is super cool. I´m totaly amazed by the speed we are moving forward.

Another cool thing is that we have a first provider to offer hosted ownCloud services if you don´t have webspace to host it yourself. PackageCloud offers a free ownCloud installation for 100MB and an installation with unlimited storage and traffic for 5,- EUR per month. I think this is a very nice offer. Completely free software and more affordable than other cloud solutions. Try it here if you don´t have your own server.

We will participate in this years Google Summer of code again. So if you have ideas add them to the brainstorming page here: http://community.kde.org/GSoC/2011/Ideas#ownCloud

We are also planing the first ownCloud developer meeting.
It will take place between 15. and 18. of April in Stuttgart, Germany.
We will hack on ownCloud and plan the next releases.

Please send me an email if you want to join the meeting and help working on ownCloud.



  1. Fr.

    Hey Frank,
    Thanks for pointing out my “work”, it’s very encouraging 🙂
    Let’s make all this happen this year !

  2. Frank Karlitschek

    Of course. I really like what you are doing.

  3. Diederik

    The new design looks awesome, and was imho badly needed! Looking forward to the results.

    Just with the new design alone, ownCloud instantly looks like a much bigger solution 🙂

  4. te

    That looks truly spectacular, can’t wait to try it out in action.

  5. CyberAng3l

    Awesome 🙂
    The web interface looks brilliant!

  6. Thomas Thym (ungethym)

    Great work! It is just amazing to see the development.

    Is the fluffy team working on the design or why are parts of the text pink? 🙂

    Asking for GSoC ideas. I don’t know if that already exists but is there an openid plugin or an LDAP plugin or something like that?

  7. Frank Karlitschek

    @Thomas An OpenID plugin or an LDAP plugin would be cool. LDAP is also very important for our planed Kolab integration

  8. Thomas

    Hey, so cool that there is a hosting site for this!
    I’m wondering what the status is of ownclouds encryption of files which is something that would keep control in the hands of the end user.

    I mean; if we use owncloud to keep control over our own data, and then outsource the actual running of the service to someone else, what have we actually gained?

    Functionalty that would help is synchronizing data between owncloud instances. Is someone working on that?


  9. The User

    Yes, ownCloud is cool, but isn’t 5€ per month quite expensive? For tht price you can get a cheap V-server, normal webspace is much cheaper and ownCloud should work with it.

  10. damian

    Very nice interface, it looks proffesional.
    Owncloud could become the next hot stuff, adding social network stuff would be awesome too, imagine having a profile on owncloud, just as a facebook one, it would be awesome.
    Maybe even internet providers will include owncloud in their services, who knows.
    I see a bright future for owncloud

  11. The User

    Social network stuff, huh?
    Well, there is Diaspora, but that is different…

  12. Lukas

    I don’t know to whom this should be addressed but…

    There is a nice tutorial how get less cluttered interface, if there are many messages/posts/actions from the same user
    Could definitely be used in logs section.

    Imho, where is the place to talk about bugs? A friend of mine tried to set up OwnCloud on VPS. Reading/creating files from WWW worked 100%, but over webDav only read operation was working.

  13. Fri13

    It just looks very clean and easy to use. The coloring is almost perfect (can anything be perfect?) 😉

    Is there as well easy way to get SSH/(s)FTP/NFS/SMB/VPN/CIFS/WebDAV connections configured?

    As I have only found out that web interfaces are good only when there is no change to get mentioned protocols working. That is the typical problem with any web app, that native applications wins hands down all of them.

    I can see that nice when user needs to work on third party computer what only allow access trought web browser.

    Oh, just for very deamwish…

    At some point in the future, integrate nepomuk/strigi and nice AJAX functionality to search files…. Think about it… own search engine for files on server what wins google down…. (if it is not already being planned)

    If OwnCloud is easy to install a WallPlug-PC kind low-power computers, I will get a such….

  14. SexyMimi

    Y u no use SVG interface ?

    I mean it. It’s easy to do, very reliable using a good framework. Like Raphaël : we could imagine a fine file manager such as Dolphin, just in a navigator…
    It could be the “heavy-but-über-cool-interface” for OwnCloud.

  15. nowardev

    😀 fantastic!!

  16. Frank Karlitschek

    @Fri13: WebDAV is supported. I think people will use WebDAV or sync is locally. A WebInterface is nice but real native applications like Dolphin are always better.

  17. Marc Payne

    Great work! I’m encouraged to see ownCloud gaining momentum. Can’t wait to see what comes of the sprint and summer of code. Very exciting!

    I’d love to see a cross-platform sync and backup client. With that, ownCloud would be the perfect replacement to other closed-source solutions.

  18. Stephen

    Lukas is correct. Reading works. Not writing 🙁 When will encryption and version control come in?

  19. jospoortvliet

    free web hosting – packagecloud doesn’t seem to offer the 100-mb-for-free option for owncloud anymore, is that correct?

  20. Frank Karlitschek

    Yes. It seams they are restructuring their offering. I hope they offer a similar service again in the future


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