We have a “Qtest Mobile App Port Contest” winner!

Posted by on Jun 13, 2011 in KDE, openDesktop.org | 3 Comments
At the end of last year we announced the Qtest Mobile App Port Contest. The idea was to port your existing Qt application to a mobile platform and win 10.000,- EURs. The 5 early bird winners and the 5 second place winners get a Nokia N900. The contest was a huge success and more developers than expected participated.
At the end 59 Qt applications were ported to MeeGo and Symbian and submitted for the contest. All the applications are available on Qt-Apps.org and MeeGo-Central.org. The jury looked at all the submissions in the last weeks and picked the 5 second place winners and the first place winner of the contest.
So without further delay:
The second place winners are:
The first place and 10.000,- EUR goes to:
Gratulations to all the winners.


  1. annma

    http://meego-central.org is broken for all categories, nothing is shown…

  2. annma

    Also it would be nice if your blog interface was in English

  3. Frank Karlitschek

    @annma: strange meego-central.org works for me.
    All the categories are empty beside the Contest category of course. Perhaps thats the problem?

    I use blogger.com for this blog. I had the impression that they automatically switch the blog interface to the language of the user. I’ll look into this.


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