ownCloud 2 is released

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ownCloud 2 is released

Today is a really happy and exiting day for me. After one and a half years of work the ownCloud community just released the shiny new version 2 of ownCloud.

ownCloud 2 has a great new userinterface, lot´s of exciting new features like calendar and addressbook syncing, sharing of files, OpenID consumer and provider, a great new mediaplayer with an ampache interface, support for more installable 3rd party applications, a key value storage for KDE applications, integration of desktop notifications and a lot more cool and useful features.
But the most awesome improvement we achieved is our fast growing, creative and friendly developer community. We have over 15 core developers now working on ownCloud and a lot more developer contributing translations, bugfixes, artwork or third party applications.

Go to ownCloud.org to download your ownCloud to put it on your workstation or server or try our live demo at demo.owncloud.org. Ownloud is also available on all major Linux distributions but it´s designed to run on most webspaces withour special configuration.

Let´s take our data back!




  1. ffejery

    Congratulations, Frank, and the rest of the team! It looks like ownCloud has really shaped up to be amazing. 🙂 I’m looking forward to trying it out.

  2. teho

    This is definetly going in to my home server later this week :p Thank you.

    Is ownCloud still considered as “KDE” project and is there any plans to use the KDE infrastucture (wiki, git etc.) in the future?

  3. BartOtten

    Wow, that looks very nice. Wanted to install right away but the downloadpage still points to Beta 3 😉

  4. CTown

    Congratulations on the release. Will there ever be point where one no longer needs a LAMP based server to run OwnCloud? Or is this just the best way to do things?

    Also, there is a nice Oxygen Firefox theme located here: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Oxygen+KDE+%28Firefox+Theme%29?content=117962


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