What a weekend

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What a weekend

Just recovery from our weekend-long ownCloud development meeting — and what a meeting it was.

Held here in the Stuttgart ownCloud offices, myself and 18 ownCloud contributors from across Europe borrowing down on the next version of ownCloud (coming next month) — coding, brainstorming new features and functions and having fun.

We worked on a lot of different features:

  • General stabilization of the ownCloud 4 code base.
  • Work on a solution that solves the big file upload problem once and for all.
  • Huge database optimizations for better performance.
  • Improved KDE integration
  • Implementation of an LDAP groups backend and big improvements in the LDAP user integration.
  • Implementation of a lucene search engine for files. We now have proper searching. 🙂
  • UX optimisation all over the place
  • Lot´s of small design improvements
  • Improvement on ownCloud.org
  • Work on Debian Packaging
  • OpenID support
  • Drag and Drop uploading
  • Implementation of a “Find my Android phone” location based feature.
  • Working on versioning and encryption support
  • Lots of bugfixes at the Desktop Syncing client
  • Porting of the Desktop Syncing Client to Mac OS X. Release soon.
  • UX improvements at the Desktop Syncing Client.
  • Work started on an ownCloud mail client.
  • Lots of bugs fixed

I want to thank everybody for their creativity, energy and the fun.

Looking forward to the next meeting later this year already!


  1. Ignat

    You did that in one weekend? Oh no. This means I have to live a whole life to become as effective. That’s the professional (proprietary) IT background of the devs involved showing here..

    Still, when did you design all those features? Design takes a lot of time, way more than a weekend. Also, did you use Scrum or any other technique for the sprint?

  2. Alex

    I’m not sure OwnCloud really needs all those features… a mail client… Zawinski’s Law comes to my mind.

    I use OwnCloud, and I like it. I’m just a bit concerned that it may turn into a do-everything-halfway-good web app, like e.g. tikiwiki, which can do everything, but many things don’t really feal mature.

    Keep up the great work 🙂


  3. Frank Karlitschek

    @Alex: Thanks for your input. ownCloud is structured in modules called “Apps” they are independent and can be installed and uninstalled at any time. So just an additional App doesn´t create a lot of bloat. 🙂

  4. Ignat

    I apologize if I sound annoying, but my comment was not intended to sound ironic, trolling or otherwise negative. I was really interested in the answers to those questions, as I am learning software design and programming right now. Thank you.

  5. Frank Karlitschek

    @Alex: Hehe sure. It´s actually a very good question how to increase the livetime of a piece of software. Simplicity and modularization are definitely important. IMHO 🙂

  6. evergreenpsyche

    Recently there has been a lot of talk on making the Brainstorm section at KDE Forums more useful. So I’m curious, did your process of brainstorming for new features include sifting through KDE Brainstorm to see if there was anything relevant?

    I think the improvements will happen quicker if developers try to interface with it more, and maybe suggest changes to make it more useful for them. Thus far, it’s been more of a user-oriented service, as users generate the majority of the activity and content.

    Just some curios from a happy supporter.

  7. yadhav

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  8. zimba

    Great job!
    Can you please comment more about item 4 (Improved KDE integration)?
    What did you add? what changed?


    (I don’t know if you noticed, but the interface of your blog is in German :P)


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