ownCloud 4 released

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ownCloud 4 released

Today the ownCloud community released ownCloud 4. This is an important milestone for us as a community, for the product and for our code base.

So what are the new features?

  • File Encryption
  • File Versioning
  • Mounting of external Filesystems (experimental)
  • TODOs App
  • Drag & Drop File Uploading
  • Shared Calendars
  • Calendar categories
  • Hugely improved contacts app including groups
  • Improved WebDAV, CalDAV, CardDAV compatibility
  • Movable Apps
  • Improved External App
  • Improved Sharing of Files
  • Overall Performance Improvements
  • System/User Exporting/Importing
  • User/Groups support via LDAP/AD
  • Viewer for ODF Files
  • Improved Photo Gallery
  • Improved installation of 3rd Party Apps
  • Logging via syslog
  • New public API for App developers
  • Lots of bug fixes, smaller enhancements and UX improvements.

Isn´t this impressive for only 4 month of development?

Please check our nice feature page for more information.

This comes now only 4 month after the ownCloud 3 release early this year. We will switch back to a 3 month release cylce so you can expect ownCloud 5 at the end of August.

Even stronger KDE integration will be one of the focus areas of the next release. Currently we have the Desktop Sync Client, the Rekonq bookmark syncing, the OCS key value storage for all applications, desktop push notifications and more. Part of the next release will be deeper Dolphin integration, Akregator RSS feed syncing and KWallet integration for the Desktop Syncing Client. Looking forward to this cool Desktop/Cloud features.

Thanks to everybody who contributed and made this awesome release possible.
The core team, all the contributors, marketing people, designers, UX experts and of course all the testers and translators.

See the offical release announcement here and more information including the download on the homepage.

There are already packages for most distributions available on the Open Build Service.

I hope to see you all at our LinuxTag booth for hugs and chatting.



  1. unhammer

    Very cool, congrats!

    I know you are all involved with KDE, but I hope the later release cycles will include some work on non-KDE desktops too?

  2. Frank Karlitschek

    All the API can be used to integrate with other desktops too. And the Desktop Syncing Client works KDE, GNOME, Windows, Mac. We also have an Android client and soon iOS too.
    So we want to support all the systems. But it might be that the KDE integration is a bit more advanced because we all have our roots in KDE. But cross platform is definitely the goal.

  3. Stéphane Péchard

    There are some ugly glitches in task page ( http://demo.owncloud.org/?app=tasks ) on my Firefox for Mac. Do you know if it’s normal?

  4. fstorck

    How can the “External Storage Support” be enabled ? Nothing happens, if you enable the app and there is no info given at all… although it looks like a pretty cool feature if it’s working…

  5. Michael Lutynski

    I am so stoked about the KDE integration! You guys *rock*!

  6. unhammer

    Nice, good to hear 🙂

    By the way, is there an explanation of the full encryption feature somewhere? I’m thinking of the problem of convenience; is it possible to get a searchable web interface without letting the site admin see the unencrypted files? I would think you couldn’t do search of encrypted files without running it client-side, ie. downloading everything, or sending the password to the service, ie. compromising security; but perhaps there are tricks I haven’t thought of.

  7. Get in Canada

    Nice! I have been watching the development of owncloud and coudn’t agree more. This is an amazing piece of software. Well gone, folks!

  8. fstorck

    Well, after some testing I’m a bit disappointet about the release. Although it is clearly a great step ahead it should have been marked as Beta and not as stable release. There are lots of problems when you read the forums/mailing lists and some highly advertised features are completely undocumented (like “External Storage”) and nobody know how to use. That’s a pity, because it’s clearly a nice product which has a great potential. But there must be clearly more emphasis on stability and QA in there future over new features.

  9. Natanji

    For anyone having trouble with the external storage plugin: the release of OC 4 was totally rushed and developers obviously forgot to build a configuration page for the plugin. So the functionality is there, but you can’t use it in OC 4.

    I describe the problem in more detail on the forums and offer a fix there, too.

    I sincerely hope the developers will officially fix this issue in OC 4 after Linuxtag is over.

  10. Владимир Кламор

    Can you help me with Samba LDAP TLS? (OC 4)
    Where should I place my certificate files?
    Sorry for offtop. I want it realy bad, but can’t find any information about the question I have.



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