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Today we launched the ownCloud 4.0.4 bugfix release and the second version
of ownCloud Business and Enterprise. The ownCloud 4.0 community release a few
weeks ago  brought cool new features like versioning, external filesystems or
encryption but, frankly, was a little rougher than we expected. It seems that
we follow the KDE tradition here where KDE 4.0. was also not the most polished
release ever. 😉

The good news is that the releases today smooth those rough edges and we can
recommend ownCloud 4 now for full production use — bringing the ownCloud 4
features to our enterprise customers and service providers.

We also have new version of the Linux/Win/Mac Desktop Syncing Client available
developed mainly by Klaas. The Client is a Qt application and integrates nicely
into KDE. We also have a new version of the Android App available which is based on the
community code developed by Bartek

The downloads are here:

Everything is available under AGPL and GPL of course.

So what´s coming up:

I recommend that you attend Klaas BoF session at Akademy
( if
you are interested in deep KDE / ownCloud integration. There is a lot of
potential for ownCloud and KDE to work very closely together in the future.
I believe that an integrated free software offering is significantly better
than an isolated Linux Desktop or an isolated Cloud service. I can´t make it
to Akademy unfortunately.

As you know, ownCloud is committed to a 3-4 month release cycle — which
means no rest for the wicked. We are working full steam on new things for
ownCloud 5 coming in late summer, including:

  • An improved encryption system that is useful in more scenarios than the current encryption
  • Improved handling of big file uploads
  • Improved permission system for sharing
  • And lots of other improvements like RSS feed sharing with KDE Akregator or server to server sharing.

I´m so happy to work on a piece of software that receives so much positive
attention from the free software world, developers and free web activists —
but also companies and customers. And all this is only possible because we
have an awesome community of contributors. It is their active participation
and creativity that makes ownCloud possible. So I say thank you to all!!!!!


Always get in contact if you have questions, ideas, proposals, requests or other feedback.

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