9.0 is the biggest ownCloud release so far

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I’m super happy to report that ownCloud 9.0 is released today. This is the biggest and most important ownCloud release so far with a ton of performance improvements, bug fixes, cleanup but also new features.

Especially exiting is that fact that more people have contributed to this release then ever before. We also collaborated more with partners then ever. Examples are CERN and AARNET. This is possible because of the open and community oriented development process of ownCloud.

Most of the improvements happened in this 3 areas:

The introduction of comments and tags combined with the improved notifications and activity feed allows better user interaction. You can comment on any file and see the comments of others. Tags will help you organize your files and give you the ability to filter files on tags in the left sidebar.

The reworked notifications separate out the activity feed with a view of what’s happening with your files from events you should respond to like new shares or calendar notifications. This makes it a lot easier to keep track of what is going on with your data! This blog post is a nice summary of the improvements.

Full Federation
It is one of the main goals of ownCloud, since the beginning, to enable everyone to run their own server but still collaborate and share with others. Sharing between different ownCloud servers is possible for a while now. But this is easier than ever with cross-server user name auto complete, trusted servers and more. Once you’ve shared with another ownCloud server, it will be added as a trusted server, exchanging user names. This will enable ownCloud to auto complete names from users of all shared servers. Admins have control over these features, so they can add trusted servers manually and disable the automatic addition.
We released the ownCloud Federation API last summer as a first draft. Since then we collected a lot of feedback and improved the specification. I’m super happy that other projects and cloud software started to adopt this API to become compatible. The first one is Pydio who will support this Federation API in their next release later this month.

Ultimate Scalability
ownCloud already scaled from Raspberry Pi for 1-10 users, to up to 500,000 users. But some of the bigger ownCloud users requested more.
So we implemented a new storage API that enables deeper integration with storage solutions and we updated the sharing code to handles more shares with more users.
This was developed in collaboration with international research institutions like CERN and AARNet. This enables ownCloud to scale to multi petabytes and breaking existing barriers for file sync and share!
opensource.com has all the details.

And more
Besides these major improvements, there has been work in many other areas of ownCloud:

– Both Calendar and Contacts have been updated for ownCloud 9
– A brand new, stand-alone updater will ensure smoother upgrades from 9.0 and onwards
– Code Signing ensures the integrity of your ownCloud installation
– App updates are more visible

Additionally more and more 3rdparty apps are developed for ownCloud and become ready. They are technically not part of ownCloud 9.0 but show the flexibility of ownCloud as a platform.
Great examples are:

– Collaborative editing with LibreOffice
– Videoconferencing with Spreed.me
– ownCloud Music player
– ownCloud News
– Announcement Center
– ownCloud Mail
– ownCloud Documents

More information and screenshots can be found on the official 9.0 feature page here: https://owncloud.org/nine

ownCloud contains code contributions from over 940 people now. Additionally we got a lot more contributions in Translations, Testing, Packaging, Marketing, Promotion, Design and other important areas that are not included in this numbers.

But we can always use more help! Get involved on owncloud.org/contribute

Thanks a lot to everyone who is part of this great community.
Grab 9.0 now here: https://owncloud.org/install/




  1. Richard Ahlquist

    And no more Fedora builds? That just bites. It was hard enough the last build since you didnt support fedora 19 anymore but now, nothing…

  2. Alfred

    Nice. But when does CODE become a real part of Owncloud? Editing all kinds of documents on my OWN server would be great for all end users out there.

    • Frank Karlitschek

      What do you mean with real part? Iy should already work today by running CODE and installing the integration app in ownCloud.

  3. Mark

    And STILL no native 2FA makes all of this work valueless. If it can’t be secure – it shouldn’t be used.

    • Plaristote

      I’m curious as to how you’d implement 2FA for these kind of services, without making it a serious hindrance for the users ?
      Seriously, I’ve never had to implement a 2FA, and I’ve never seen anything like that being used in a cloud service.

    • nunya

      i would say 2fa using your slaveware phone or insecure oath or other nonsense is valueless. real 2fa can be implemented by competent sys admins. It’s not ownCloud’s job to do everything for entitiled whiners. obviously, i don’t speak for ownCloud. Just a real GNU+Linux user that doesn’t care for the tone of some of these comments. Also, 2fa doesn’t magically make everything secure.

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  6. someone

    When will it get into the distros?

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  9. Olivier Galibert

    Warning: do not re-activate ownnote until they’ve updated it. You’ll end up with a blank page and will have a hard time desactivating it again.

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  12. Felix

    Hi guys,

    Just a little note that upgrading to 9.0.0 was a major headache and I ended up reverting to 8.1.6 to get back to stability. I little more warning would be nice. Not to be raining on your parade but please be considerate to your existing base.

    Kindly yours

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  14. Joan Campuzano

    Why did you start ownCloud? How many developers are working on it? How do you keep your community engaged?

  15. Kapil

    Hi Frank,

    I have just update the Owncloud 8.2 to Owncloud 9.

    I have created one App in that i have use OCP\JSON::callCheck(); that is works fine in Owncloud 6 to owncloud 8.2 but in owncloud 9 it give me message that
    {“data”:{“message”:”Token expired. Please reload page.”,”error”:”token_expired”},”status”:”error”} .

    So there is any alternative method which is use me in Owncloud 9. THis method remove ?

    I just need to prevent my app for third party attack that`s why i added OCP\JSON::callCheck(); but in OC 9 is not working.

    I have also tried

    if(!(\OC::$server->getRequest()->passesCSRFCheck())) {

    but is also not working.

    Please give me suggestion what i need to use in OC 9 ?

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  18. krueuw

    txs for work on the new release frank. I use today oc6 with a patch for public links to calendars. OC7 and 8 are released without this feature and without patch. Calendar+ contains this feature, as parallel-development to oc-calendar, but fails on version 8.2+. Can I now update to number 9 or must I wait of version x to reuse this feature?


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