draft 3 is finished

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I just finished the draft 3 of the open collaboration services specifications.  I got a lot of input from developers and users so the new version is more RESTfull, better documented and has more features. At the moment the services PERSON, FRIEND, MESSAGE, ACTIVITY and CONTENT are specified. The services are already implemented at all […]

Akademy rocks

Posted by on Aug 12, 2008 in KDE | 5 Comments

Like every year Akademy is really fun. It´s great to meet old and new friends and discuss KDE, new ideas and technologies. I´m glad that my keynote was really well received. It seams that most KDE people like my ideas of the “Social Desktop”.  You can find a first version of the specs here: freedesktop.org […]

server migration done

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The migration to a new server is finally done. everything should be a lot faster and more stable now. Yesterday we completed the migration to a new main application server. The new machine has 8 cores, 16GB RAM, 1,5TB usabel harddisk space and unlimited traffic. Together with our other servers for mail, backup, static content, […]

Servers Servers

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As you noticed the openDesktop.org websites are very slow at the moment. We even had a complete server crash yesterday. I´m very sorry for the problems. The reason is that our traffic is growing fast and our main server has a constant load of over 30. We really need a hardware upgrade. I just ordered […]

Starting to Blog

Posted by on Jul 6, 2008 in KDE, openDesktop.org | One Comment

A lot of people asked me to start blogging. It seams many people are interested in news about the openDesktop.org network and the other community sites like KDE-Look.org, KDE-Apps.org, GNOME-Look.org or Xfce-Look.org. I´m not a big writer, so don´t expect long articles. 🙂