Social Desktop Contest

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Social Desktop Contest

Today we are launching the Social Desktop Contest. As you know the idea of the Social Desktop is to connect online webservices with desktop applications. We give away great prices to developers who help making this vision reality. The Open Collaboration Services API got a lot of new features in the past few month and […]

New Event Database

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Today we are announcing our new event feature on the websites. Every user is free to register new events e.g. a KDE conference in London, a developer meeting in Berlin or just a little barbecue in a backyard. Your event will be listed in the events database and other users can “join” the event. […] sponsoring project

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Hi everyone, today, we are launching our sponsoring project. Aim of this project is to help,, and the other sites to keep it as you know it today and to help us to investigate into further new features, improvements, hosting and projects for our community. So what exactly is the […]

Knowledge base feature

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Knowledge base feature

Hi everyone, we’ve noticed that there are just few people who are using our knowledge base/help feature. Many don’t even know that we have implemented this feature. A short reminder: every application on network e.g. or can have its own small user generated FAQ. If you have a question or a problem […]

Premium job board and

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Last year we announced the launch of our new job board for Linux and IT Experts. and The idea is to help Linux experts and open source companies to come together. The job offers and candidates are accessible and integrated in all websites of the network. For example, or […]

Oporto and other stuff

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I´m back from the Tokamak II in Oporto. It was a very interesting, productive and fun meeting. I find it very motivating to work in such a group of clever people on real innovation. By the way 14 developers from 8 countries. OpenID: From today on we support login via OpenID on the network. […] experiments with marketplace

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We started an interesting experiment. From today applications, artwork or document templates can be uploaded to, and for free downloading as before. But starting today, you may also select to sell them to users on the Marketplace of We try to do this in a way which is in line with […]

200.000 download per day

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Last week we at the network broke through the 200,000 downloads per day barrier. So over 200,000 applications, themes and wallpapers are downloaded per day. We have over 80 million page impressions per month at the moment and are still growing strong. This is a big increase in the last few month. It seams […]

My Perfect Desktop (part 1 – documents)

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Over the last few month I though a lot about the future of desktop operating systems and how a perfect desktop operating should look like in my opinion. After discussing this stuff with friends I decided to blog about the ideas. Please post your comments and ideas. This is strictly from a user point of […]

free job board, redesign and open collaboration services.

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At the end of October we launched a free job board on the websites. I know quite a few people who found a nice full time or freelance job by showing their work on our websites. I also know a few free software projects and companies who are looking for new projects members or […]