Ohio Linux Fest

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This Friday the Ohio Linux Fest kicks off in downtown Columbus and I’ll be there! It is my first Linux Fest in the US so I greatly look forward to being introduced in this grand tradition. Of course, I’ll be talking about ownCloud on Saturday the 25, from 13:00 to 14:00 room D142-143. The title […]

A possible future for PHP

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ownCloud is one of the biggest open source project written in PHP if you look into the latest statistics. It is used for the server part of ownCloudas most of you know. We use other technologies like C++ and Qt for the Desktop Clients, Java for the Android app and Objective-C for iOS, JavaScript for […]

new years blog post

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In a few hours 2012 ends and 2013 begins. So it is a good opportunity to recap and look back what happend in the past 12 month in the ownCloud world. I must say that is was an awesome year where a lot of things happened that are worth mentioning. A huge thank you to […]

We have a “Qtest Mobile App Port Contest” winner!

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At the end of last year we announced the Qtest Mobile App Port Contest. The idea was to port your existing Qt application to a mobile platform and win 10.000,- EURs. The 5 early bird winners and the 5 second place winners get a Nokia N900. The contest was a huge success and more developers […]

Contest deadline extended

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Several developers approached me and asked for more time to port their applications. So we extend the deadline of the contest to 31. of march. Everybody has one more month to port a KDE or Qt application to Symbian or MeeGo. Remember that you can win 10.000,- so please consider to make your KDE or […]

2 amazing meetings to change the world

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Last week I attended two very interesting developer sprints at the SUSE office in Nürnberg. More and more people in the Linux world realize that a nice application installer (Application Store) is needed to make the Linux platform more attractive for normal users and third party developers. The current package managers expose way to much […]

The Qtest Mobile App Port Contest early bird winners are here

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It´s amazing that we have already 33 applications ported and submitted for the contest. All the applications are available on Qt-Apps.org and soon on the Ovi store. The jury looked at all the submissions in the last 2 weeks and picked the 5 winners of the early bird contest. So here are the 5 lucky […]

Beta of the Qt Creator Buildservice Plugin released (Project Bretzn)

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Beta of the Qt Creator Buildservice Plugin released (Project Bretzn)

What is Project Bretzn? Apart from being a tasty Bavarian bread-snack, Bretzn is a code-name for a collection of technology aimed at solving a problem which has existed in software development for a very long time: How do you get your applications build for all available platforms and get it to your users? In the […]

Qtest Mobile App Port Contest launched

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Qtest Mobile App Port Contest launched

The Qtest Mobile App Contest started yesterday. The goal is to port your Qt/KDE app to MeeGo or Symbian and put it in the Nokia Ovi store. New applications are also welcome of course. The prize for the best application is 10.000,- EUR and there are 10 N900 as additional prizes to win. So if […]

The Open-PC starts not with one or two but with three models and partners

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The Open-PC starts not with one or two but with three models and partners

Today is the big day. The sale of the Open-PC starts. The first PC which is build by the free software community and not by a big company. Everybody can contribute. The Open-PC is using only free software and drivers. The good news is that we are not starting with one or two but with […]