Worldwide ownCloud Developer Meeting in October

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I guess we’ve grown too big for our britches 🙂 Instead of having our next developers meeting in my offices in Stuttgart, we have accepted the very kind invitation of KDAB and will be hosting the European edition in Berlin — but there’s more. By popular demand, we will also have a simultaneous sprint in […]

New software day

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New software day

Today we launched the ownCloud 4.0.4 bugfix release and the second version of ownCloud Business and Enterprise. The ownCloud 4.0 community release a few weeks ago  brought cool new features like versioning, external filesystems or encryption but, frankly, was a little rougher than we expected. It seems that we follow the KDE tradition here where […]

ownCloud 4 released

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ownCloud 4 released

Today the ownCloud community released ownCloud 4. This is an important milestone for us as a community, for the product and for our code base. So what are the new features? File Encryption File Versioning Mounting of external Filesystems (experimental) TODOs App Drag & Drop File Uploading Shared Calendars Calendar categories Hugely improved contacts app […]

What a weekend

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What a weekend

Just recovery from our weekend-long ownCloud development meeting — and what a meeting it was. Held here in the Stuttgart ownCloud offices, myself and 18 ownCloud contributors from across Europe borrowing down on the next version of ownCloud (coming next month) — coding, brainstorming new features and functions and having fun. We worked on a lot of different features: […]

Both Parts Win

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Today is an exciting day for ownCloud — for several reasons. First — we launched our first commercial release of ownCloud. This includes a fully supported server available under the AGPL. So for those running ownCloud in an enterprise environment (or who want to run ownCloud in an enterprise environment) and want support, you can […]

We want you for ownCloud

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Dear friends of ownCloud, we are thrilled by the great feedback we receive from users and developers for ownCloud 3. As you might already know, we formed a commercial entity, ownCloud Inc, that will offer products and services for ownCloud in December 2011. To speed up ownCloud development we look for enthusiastic software engineers that […]

ownCloud 3 released

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Our labor of love is out today and I know you will share my excitement when you spend a little time with Version 3 of ownCloud. What’s so exciting? Well, let me start with the extensive polishing the community has done to the look and feel – and the performance – of the calendar and […]

ownCloud Inc. and the ownCloud community

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The ownCloud project is 2 years old next month!! Today is an exciting day because today we announce a company as an addition to the open source project to push ownCloud forward. ownCloud Inc. will offer ownCloud services and support to enterprises in addition to to the normal open source version. ownCloud Inc. will help […]

ownCloud 2 is released

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ownCloud 2 is released

Today is a really happy and exiting day for me. After one and a half years of work the ownCloud community just released the shiny new version 2 of ownCloud. ownCloud 2 has a great new userinterface, lot´s of exciting new features like calendar and addressbook syncing, sharing of files, OpenID consumer and provider, a […]

Welcome to the cloud age, Apple

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Welcome to the cloud age, Apple

Yesterday Apple announced their new internet service called iCloud. They finally have features which are essential for people who live in a connected world and have more than one device. I can’t help myself but to compare this features with the stuff we are doing in KDE with the ownCloud project since last year. It […]