Open letter to german politicians about free software and cloud. (update)

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In Baden-Württemberg, Germany are elections in 10 days. I wrote an open letter to politicians from all major parties to ask them about free software, cloud services and the german data protection act. Let´s see if I get interesting answers. ——————————————— Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, als Stuttgarter, Open Source Entwickler und Gründer eines Startup […]

ownCloud update

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A lot of cool stuff is happening around ownCloud at the moment. François is working on a super cool new webinterface. It looks really nice. Login: Files : Logs : User settings : We have a cool new audioplayer so people have easy access to their media from all their devices. […]

ownCloud 1.1 released

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ownCloud 1.1 released

10 minutes ago I released ownCloud 1.1 I´m really happy with this release. Not only because we have a lot of new features and bugfixes but also because the ownCloud development team is growing and more and more people are contributing to ownCloud. I gave several presentation about ownCloud in the last few month and […]

ownCloud 1.0 is here

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ownCloud 1.0 is here

Today we are releasing ownCloud 1.0 This is the first step of the 1.x series with a planed 1.1 really soon. You can download ownCloud 1.0 now and put it in a webspace with PHP support and it should work. So what is ownCloud? ownCloud is a central place where you can store your files […]

Linuxtag day one

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I´m at Linuxtag in Berlin again this year. As every year it´s a great event, interesting people and interesting talks. Together with the fanstastic weather here in Berlin we really have a great time. My personal highlights of the first day are: Launch of the Individual Supporting Memebership Program “Join the Game” together with Jos […]

ownCloud status

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ownCloud status

I want to give you an overview about the stuff thats happening in ownCloud world. I released the beta 1 one month ago on gitorious and I´m thrilled by the positive response in the mean time. We already have a small but very active developer community hacking on ownCloud. In the last 4 weeks we […]

ownCloud – development started

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ownCloud – development started

I committed ownCloud 1.0 beta 1 to yesterday   So what is ownCloud ? I announced the ownCloud project during my Camp KDE presentation in January in San Diego. Here is a short overview what we want to achieve with ownCloud. KDE runs on all kinds of devices and operating systems – work and […]

What´s going on at Camp KDE?

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As everybody else is blogging about Camp KDE here in San Diego I think I also should give you an update whats going on here. I think it is a fantastic conference, perfectly organized with very high level talks. It is great to meet all the old and new friends and discuss various aspects of […]

Small Cloud Survey

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I will give a presentation at Camp KDE as some of you might know. The topic is KDE and cloud computing. The idea is to give an overview over the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing compared with native Qt applications. I plan to give some ideas how we as a free software community could […]