The User Data Manifesto

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The User Data Manifesto

This blog post is about an initiative that I just announced during the Latinoware 2012 keynote here in beautiful Brazil. As you probably know I care a lot about user data, privacy, cloud and Internet services. I initiated the open collaboration services standard to build a decentralized social network in 2008 way before it was […]

Welcome to the cloud age, Apple

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Welcome to the cloud age, Apple

Yesterday Apple announced their new internet service called iCloud. They finally have features which are essential for people who live in a connected world and have more than one device. I can’t help myself but to compare this features with the stuff we are doing in KDE with the ownCloud project since last year. It […]

Open letter to german politicians about free software and cloud. (update)

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In Baden-Württemberg, Germany are elections in 10 days. I wrote an open letter to politicians from all major parties to ask them about free software, cloud services and the german data protection act. Let´s see if I get interesting answers. ——————————————— Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, als Stuttgarter, Open Source Entwickler und Gründer eines Startup […]

draft 3 is finished

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I just finished the draft 3 of the open collaboration services specifications.  I got a lot of input from developers and users so the new version is more RESTfull, better documented and has more features. At the moment the services PERSON, FRIEND, MESSAGE, ACTIVITY and CONTENT are specified. The services are already implemented at all […]