Projects founded by Frank


An Open Source, self hosted, on-prem and decentralized Content Collaboration Platform similar to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. Usable for enterprises and home users.

User Data Manifesto

The User Data Manifesto is an initiative launched by Frank during the Latinoware 2012 keynote in Brazil. The idea of the manifesto is to define basic rights that should apply to every web services. was a website network to boost collaboration in the Open Source community. It had social networking features before Facebook and App Store features before Apple. It was founded and developed by Frank and later sold to Blue Systems GmbH.


ownCloud is a file syncing software founded by Frank in 2010. Later a VC backed company was founded to monetize the software. In 2016 the core team including Frank left and founded Nextcloud to resurrect the original idea. After that ownCloud Inc. went bankrupt.



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